Ibiza Gym Stringer Vest - Black/White

Product Details:

Featuring the stunning Ibiza design, our Ibiza stringer vest outclasses average gym vests for style, fit and feel.  Everyone looks great in the Ibiza vest.  Stylish and impressive worn as a gym vest, beach vest or festival vest - it's an iconic classic that can be worn on so many occasions.

The Ibiza vest has a soft, light weight feel, making it a pleasure to wear and work out in.  The shape has a flattering cut which enhances the physique, accentuating the upper body and giving a slim look without clinging around the waist. 

Excellent in and out of the gym.  


100% soft touch, stretch cotton for ultimate comfort and feel.   Model, Stephen James, is wearing size medium. True to size.

Chest Sizes (Inches):

S - 36/38"

M - 39/40"

L - 41/42"

UK 1-3 days | Worldwide 5-11 days